Local Rules


Temporary Local Rules are always posted on the Clubhouse Noticeboard near the Pro-Shop and are updated regularly. It is your responsibility  to be familiar with these prior to your round. 



Local Rules Revised January 1 2019.

To be read in conjunction with Revised Rules of Golf. (2019)

  1. Out of bounds. All ground beyond club boundaries and all beyond OOB stakes (white stakes with black tops) on left of 17th & 18th holes, and beyond stakes surrounding the clubhouse including carparks.
  2. Staked trees. If a staked tree or staked shrub interferes with a player’s stance or area of swing, the ball must be lifted, without penalty, (cleaned if necessary) & dropped in accordance with Rule 16 1a (immovable obstruction)
  3. Penalty areas. Defined by yellow or red stakes or red lines.
  4. Drop Zone markers. Blue stakes (drop within 1 club length) . Nearest zone must be used.
  5. Ground Under Repair(a) All areas defined by white lines or stakes. (b) wheel ruts in general area (c) embedded stones in general area and Animal damage in bunkers (relief not available from (c) if stance only affected.) (d) Garden beds defined by sleepers, rocks , bricks or mulch (compulsory drop)
  6. Immovable Obstructions within 2 club lengths of Green. If within 2 club lengths of green and ball within 2 club lengths of Immovable obstruction (on line to hole) then free relief available under Rule. 16. 1.
  7. Ball lost or Out of Bounds. In addition to stroke & distance penalty (Rule18.1,) the player may opt under a 2 stroke penalty to drop a ball anywhere between (a) where the ball is likely to be or (b) crossed OOB and 2 club lengths onto the fairway, no nearer the hole than (a) or (b). (Further explanation by USGA can be found by clicking here.)
  8. Ball at rest on stacked turf of bunker must be lifted & dropped within 1 club length at nearest point of relief outside bunker without penalty.
  9. All stakes, control ropes, wire hoops and posts are immovable obstructions (Rule 16 1a applies).
  • Distance measurements are to centre of green.
  • Penalty for breach of local rules. Stroke play-TWO strokes. Match Play-LOSS of hole.

Note: “General Area” is all areas of the course except Penalty Areas (“hazards”), Bunkers and putting green and tee of hole being played (previously “through the green”).