Women’s Program

Women’s Gateway Program

The ladies gateway program was developed to provide an avenue for women who are looking to get into golf and become a part of a friendly, inclusive, and social community within the golf club.

The gateway is open to anyone who is completely new to the game through to regular & intermediate golfers. The gateway program is run by a PGA Professional who offers group/class level coaching (beginner & intermediate) so ladies are paired up alongside others of the same skill level and ability. This allows them to learn golf in a relaxed, confident, and safe environment, so they can thrive collectively alongside others and form great connections.

The beginner level focuses on introducing participants to all areas of golf, (putting, short game, long game) so they can grasp a basic understanding of golf technique to be able to go out and play golf.

The intermediate level is for those who have been playing regular golf for some time and, have a sound understanding of the basics of golf. The intermediate level is more in depth in all areas of golf, so players are better equipped with skills and techniques to play on the course at a more proficient level.

Each area also addresses key pillars when playing golf:

  • Course Care
  • Course Safety
  • Pace of Play
  • On-course etiquette and skill level

All these pillars will allow anyone of any skill level and ability to play through their round of golf in the best way possible, so everyone in the group and those around them can enjoy golf better.


Women’s Golf

The regular women’s competition day is Wednesday.  Tee-times are blocked from 9:00am during the winter months, as well as 9:00am in the summer.  Slots can be booked online by logging on as a member.

After golf it is customary for women to meet in the club bar to enjoy lunch, and to catch up socially.  The captain(s) will present prizes and update members on future dates and golf events ahead.  This is a great opportunity to meet other women members.


Social Golf

Women Members can play on any day of the week when social timeslots are available.  Monday mornings and Friday mornings are popular. 


Funday Monday

Organisers:  Helen Flentje & Judy Trimble

The Funday Monday initiative started in 2017 has resulted in at least 27 new women members to the club.  The key objectives of Funday Monday are:

  • To provide a pathway for new women golfers from the clinics run by the pro to playing on the actual course.
  • To assist in learning the etiquette of the game and other forms of the game i.e., Stableford.
  • To provide a platform for women to meet and enjoy the company of other women golfers and to foster inclusiveness.
  • To eventually facilitate new memberships and to help women get a handicap and to play competition with confidence.

The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment with no pressure. Tee slots are arranged for participants at times @ 8:30am every Monday. If you are new to golf and would like to participate, please contact Helen on 0497 057 389or Judy who will be happy to include you.   All members are asked to help spread the word and encourage participation in this initiative.


Lessons & Golf Clinics

Our dedicated team of professionals operating from the Pro Shop often arrange clinics at dates which will be circulated and are available for private lessons.

Women’s Committee

2023 Women’s Sub-Committee
President Gudrun Wilkinson
Vice President Linda Miller
Co-Captains Sharon Kemp
  Nancy Inglis
Secretary Jenny Malberg
Assistant Secretary Maryanne Mocnik
General Committee Moon Gordon
  Sue Cautley
Match Committee Helen Flentje
  Angela Cordell
  Denise Dunn
General Committee Member Virginia Creece
  Roberta Henry